Alles hinter den Spiegeln

Ein Blick auf Graf Kroloks Wohnstube, Bibliothek und Schreibzimmer hinter den Spiegeln, komplett mit Geistererscheinung von Alice und Kronleuchter:

(und nochmal die Geistererscheinung ohne Krolok)



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  1. So sieht das mit der Zimmerspiegelung mit anderer Beleuchtung aus:

    Das Foto oben gefiel mir aber besser.

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  2. A propos Spukgeschichten, dann war da noch die Sache mit den Socken. Unter einem Artikel über Flache-Erde-Verschwörungstheoretiker hatten AuntWillie und Mostly Harmless scherzeshalber drüber diskutiert, ob nun die flache Erde auf dem Rücken mehrerer Schildkröten oder auf verschwundenen Socken aus dem Wäschetrockner steht. Oder ob die Kröten die Socken anhaben (Mostly Harmless: „Who do you think is wearing the socks?“ – AuntWillie: „Turtles are cold blooded. Hence the socks. Mismatched but warm.“).

    Mostly Harmless hat gleich eine Schildkrötensockenreligion draus gemacht:
    „I fear we may have just inadvertently created a new religion centered around terrapin hosiery. I visualize a sacrament involving a dim, candle-lit (with one lone flickering fluorescent) laundromat, where multiple hooded figures are gathered around a single dryer, festooned with anti-static sheets. The adherents mutter unintelligibly as two brightly clad barefoot maidens hurl fistfuls of randomly contributed socks into the maw of the waiting machine: then a hush falls over the assemblage, in anticipation of the holy rite, „the slotting of the quarters“.

    Da juckte es mich in den Fingern, eine Horrorgeschichte drunterzuschreiben. Eine Ohne-Spuk-Geschichte mit Keinen-Monstern:

    … and then there’s an unplanned power shortage.

    Overhead, without any fuss, the fluorescent goes out. Washers and dryers just undramatically spin to a halt, leaving the Only True Initiated in a somewhat be­fu­ddled silence. You could hear the proverbial pin drop – but of course none does, subtly underscoring the utter mundanity of the setting. Several cars pass; their whisking, starkly cruel beams of searchlightlike normality momentarily drowning out the flickering of the displaced-looking ritual candles in an uncaring hint the world is just going on as always, completely unconcerned; before one of the averted ritualists speaks up with an uncomfortable, bleak har­ru­mph: „… So, … now what?“
    One of the others suggests „video games?“ in an almost bored voice; before amending: „… or something you can do without electricity, anyways“.

    „Hush“, tuts one of the „barrier maidens“, „this is serious!“ – „Oh, come on!“, the first would-be ritualist shuts her up, „if it were all that world-unhingingly serious, some „god“ or other would have struck us down by lightning or whatever by now.“ – „Which goes to show“, this was the maiden again, „they just don’t care, even if they exist.“ – „What, about disappearing socks? None of us do, either!“, interjects the other, spluttering out a candle with the sheer wind force of her outrage at the indifference of the universe at large.

    „What if we did something to make them care? Care enough to lightning us over, I mean?“ the voice of the wannabe videogamer sounds almost as bored as before as he casually relights the candle: „… wouldn’t that be fun?“

    As if to also have a look at the fun, the fluorescent chooses this exact moment to flicker back on.

    [insert horror story here]

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